Commercial Design

Creating emotionally inspiring spaces takes vision, experience and know how. At KGD, we have the resources and depth of experience that makes the difference between “oh that’s nice” and “oh my goodness.” With a team of designers, buyers, fabricators and installers, we understand the complexity and detail that go into a commercial project. Large spaces like clubhouses, office suites, condominiums and corporate headquarters can be a daunting task without real experts to have confidence in.

Great spaces require great ideas. Our team studies, researches, themes, budgets and creates great spaces on time and on budget. So don’t trust just any interior designer to work on your project. You’ve made a major investment and you need carefully vetted partners to ensure success. Our team not only has the experience, but the credentials and reputation that you can count on.

Quality materials, well thought out critical paths, clever design, furnishings, clean-timeless aesthetics, effient layouts for work, inspiration, or relaxation, at KGD the possibilities are endless, but the bottom line is an environment that performs.