Kay Green Design Announces Partnership with Wayfair, Giving Builder Clients a Competitive Edge

In times of economic change and transition, it’s often the entrepreneurial minds that are fastest to adapt and succeed in the new norm. That’s exactly what Kay Green has done, as she has pivoted to forge a groundbreaking partnership with one of America’s best and largest online home furniture stores.

Internationally recognized model home merchandising firm, Kay Green Design, is proud to announce their new partnership with Wayfair.

This exciting endeavor is the first of its kind for any model home merchandiser, and the deal benefits all parties involved – from builder clients, to homebuyers!

“For our 45 years in business, we have heard from our builders that their homebuyers love our interiors so much that they want to recreate the look they see in the model home,” explained Green. “Until now, those desires were very challenging to meet, because our wholesale furniture vendors don’t sell directly to consumers.”

Now, through leveraging the power of this high quality furniture retailer, Kay Green Design can provide an itemized list of furniture, art, accessories and even some window treatments to their builder clients, who can then make those details available to their prospective buyers upon request. Other model homes, however, that showcase furniture from the standard business-to-business wholesale manufacturers, unfortunately keep those resources just out of reach of the end consumer.

So much of touring a new model home is the visual experience of the interior merchandising.

Homebuyers fall in love with the whole package – the house itself, the neighborhood, and the interiors. It’s the color selections, furnishings and accessories that really tell the lifestyle story as prospective buyers tour new model homes. Now, salespeople can tell their buyers “what you see is what you can get,” and really mean it – because the premium Wayfair furnishings on display are all available with a simple click!

There’s an awesome win-win for builders in another way, too. Not only do homebuilders gain access to the designer’s complete list of Wayfair products, but also the cost savings and designer discount that Kay Green Design qualifies for will be split and partially passed on for a lower per-square-foot design fee. Builders are positioned to cut their costs, while also being provided with the first class interior merchandising and luxury look that Kay Green Design always provides.

This innovative thinking is not new to Kay Green Design. In 2009, as the great recession challenged the housing industry, this merchandising firm went above and beyond to offer homebuyer-focused benefits to their builders. During that time, the company launched “Designer Details” as a way to provide trim detail measurements to builders for their buyers who were begging to replicate the beautiful interior style.

Customization is key, and buyers want more than a home – they want the promise of lifestyle showcased in the model merchandising. By choosing Kay Green Design, builders can differentiate themselves by delivering on home buyer demands. The result? Builders gain a leg-up for winning the new home sale!

For more information on how to suit your new home to today’s cost conscious buyers, contact Kay Green Design at 407-246-7155 or email Kay Green directly at kay@KayGreenDesign.com license #IBC000336

About Kay Green Design

Kay Green Design, founded in 1975, is a full service interior design and model home merchandising firm, creating interiors that inspire. For 45 years, the company has expertly designed interiors that appeal to buyer interests by utilizing current trends, incorporating fresh ideas and accomplishing expert installation. The designers are passionate about creating spaces that perform and that are memorable. From model homes and clubhouses, to sophisticated, well-thought-out commercial spaces, KGD studies, formulates and plans every detail. As a design partner with their clients, Kay Green Design delivers design that produces results.