New Home Design Trends for 2016 – Podcast on Builder Radio!

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The economy has rebounded and the housing market is back.  But, it’s not the market you remember.  Today’s buyers, from Boomers to Millennials, are looking for something very different from what they had before – or what they grew up with. And if they don’t see that in your sales model or design center, they may not stick around.

Kay Green Design is celebrating its 40th year as a new home merchandising and marketing specialist.  And her insights and instincts as to what sells homes are honed to a keen edge. In this week’s podcast, Kay shares with listeners what’s hot, what’s coming, and what you might still be doing that will leave potential buyers uninspired.

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  • McMansions are back! Homebuyers want their luxury and their space after all (but not all of them).
  • Jewel Box Homes – Fully-appointed homes under 1600 sq. feet that ‘live big’ are increasing in popularity.
  • Granite and Quartz are so yesterday – new composites that perform better and are easier to maintain are coming on strong.
  • This year’s HOT colors: white, grays, cobalt blue and coral.
  • Best cabinet colors:  white and gray
  • What you should be featuring that you’re not:  Drop Zones, over-sized kitchen islands.
  • Flooring preferences:  Hardwood and new-gen laminates