5 Ways To Create A Model Perfect Living Space


Choosing great finishes really enhances the perceived value of the home and compliments the overall feel; they can be the most show stopping element in a home. The easiest place to start is in the kitchen and bathroom. Today, backsplashes use a mix of beautiful glass, stone and metal mosaics. Manufactured countertops that replicate natural stone are in high demand. Incorporating a stone tile treatment into the shower in the master bath adds a luxurious and spa like feeling. With so many great tile treatments on the market right now, it is easy to add them to your model home.

Using your space wisely is the most important thing you can do in order to make your space look as big and inviting as possible. You want the furniture layout to enhance the space and allow for easy traffic flow. When you enter the room, what is the most important feature of the room that calls out for attention? All major furniture arrangements should be designed around that item. Some rooms have an existing focal point, like a fireplace. If your room doesn’t have a natural focal point, you must create one. Try a large-scale piece of art, a gallery wall, or a unique console for your television.

Color Scheme
Choosing a color scheme will make the space seem more inviting and memorable. Think about what you will use the space for. To make the master suite more appealing you might want to think about softer, more relaxing colors. Once you choose a color you can build around that with bedding, pillows, and art to match your color scheme and really pull the room together. The entire home’s color scheme should flow, but adding pops of color in different rooms can help each room feel personalized. Paint is a simple and cost effective technique to create ambiance in a room. You can choose a neutral pallet or create a “wow” room by choosing a more stand out color.

Statement Furniture
Statement pieces are great, they add extra interest and excitement to any room. They have the power to draw attention to a particular area or nook and define a space. Whether you have a traditional dining room, a contemporary living room, or a sleek modern bedroom, you can breathe life into the space with one noteworthy piece. Try an accent chair with a different pattern, bright color, or different fabric. A great statement piece leaves a lasting impression.

Window Treatments
Draw focus to your view by framing windows with quality window treatments. Great treatments help soften a space and make it feel more inviting. When hanging window treatments, it is best to hang them as close to the ceiling as possible to help give the space the illusion of being larger. Choose the thickness of your fabric based on the amount of light you want in the space — a thick fabric is perfect for a media room, it lets less light through, while an ultra sheer fabric for a breakfast nook allows the room to be bright and airy.