What is Popular with Today’s Buyers?


At a time when a Pinterest post and a Houzz feature can circle the globe in an instant, it stands to reason our design world is getting smaller. Today’s trends extend nationwide; crossing demographic and geographic boundaries. Designs showcased in New York are equally at home in Florida.

Today many people are turning their home into their haven. Looking for calming respite, white on white is today’s popular pallet of choice with soft and taupe grays remaining in demand. People favor pops of personality driven color versus entirely bold color schemes to showcase independent style. Ocean hues from watery celadon to vivid blue are fan favorites, while soft yellows and cream continue their appeal. Contemporary Clean lines dominate the home. Dark finishes, mirrored accents, glass, gold, copper, steel are all mixed together for a dramatic effect. Anything organic, such as driftwood cocktail table or woven char, brings a much sought after natural element to the home.

Today’s textures

Printed fabrics remain popular and mixing and matching is a must. Layering patterns of all scales such as intricate structures paired with large open geometric design has a sophisticated appeal. Contemporary florals, bold graphics, and detailed prints all play a role in fabrics today. Walls and ceilings are your blank canvas. Go beyond paint. With neutral wall colors, applying details to the walls creates dimension and design. For clean lines, add square flat stock to walls painted in a high glass finish. To add a warm dimension to the room, incorporate a raw wood or stone tile detail.

Home Trends

Wood flooring continues to be a favorite, with light woods such as ash and white wash taking center stage to create the light open space homeowners seek today. Tiles which simulate wood planks offer the appeal of wood with the durability of tile. Alternately, larger tiles which mimic Calcutta marble or slate grey create luxury living at a reasonable price.

Kitchen cabinets continue to trend white, rubbed with a hazelnut or butter cream glaze adds an elegant finish. Painted cabinets, grey in particular, make their mark and darker tones remain popular in urban settings. Squared off and shaker style doors are popular while slab fronts provide a contemporary clean look for your kitchen. Coutertops are light with granite as the new standard and man made composites the upgrade. Crushed stone, glass, reclaimed materials and concrete are the new normal. Kitchens and bathrooms feature accent tiles metallic and geometric shapes.

Adding chandeliers to almost every room adds self-expression and jewelry for the home. Bold and dramatic, finishes are mixed from metals, capiz shells, and fabric. Hang chandeliers in bedrooms in lieu of ceiling fans and add multiples in dinning room and living rooms.