Bathrooms for the 21st Century


Since the invention of indoor plumbing, the bathroom has played an important, functional role in the home. But never before in history has this room been the destination of luxury, relaxation and elegance that it is today. In the new book Eve-olution: The Eight Truths of Marketing to Women by Faith Popcorn and Lys Marigold, the authors state: “More Stress + More Cash = More Ways to Relax”. The increasingly indulgent bathrooms of the 21st century reflect today’s focus on creature comforts as a means of stress reduction.

An indulgent bathroom begins with elements that create a dramatic, elegant environment. Romantic lighting, including beautiful chandeliers and incandescent lights set on dimmers, enhances the atmosphere and “sets the mood”. Gorgeous vessel sinks, whether suspended from a wall or mounted on a countertop, transform functional basins into works of art. To bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, bathrooms may be “landscaped” with a soothing water fountain, atrium garden, or meandering stream – or simply take advantage of expansive picture windows to showcase private outdoor gardens. These are just a few of the elements in a bathroom that can paint a picture of extravagance and tranquility.

For the ultimate in pampering and relaxation, the latest tubs and showers have far surpassed their predecessors. The Sok overflowing bath by Kohler Co. offers the deep bath soaking experience of a lifetime. This 75 inch-long tub keeps water at a constant height and temperature that envelop the bather. A basin surrounding the tub retrieves falling water and a heating system is incorporated in the air jets. For an incredible shower experience, the Moen Vertical Spa is a lavish, fully customizable home spa. This spa combines showerheads, hand showers, body sprays and tub spouts, precisely heated through thermostatic controls, to create an extraordinary “waterfall experience”. These products are the essence of “More Stress + More Cash = More Ways to Relax”.

As bathrooms become larger and more elaborate, luxuries previously reserved for other rooms in the home are now making their bathroom debuts. Linen islands offer easily accessible storage in a convenient location, essentially creating a logical extension of the bedroom closet. Electric warming drawers, usually found in the kitchen keeping meals warm, can be installed in the bathroom to keep towels toasty warm on cold winter mornings. To provide television entertainment while maintaining aesthetics, a television can be installed within a wall behind a specially designed wall-mounted mirror to “hide” the unit itself. Therefore, the television is only visible when lights are dimmed and the unit is turned on – a real conversation piece. Finally, for the fitness enthusiast, an exercise area incorporated into a bathroom is an excellent, space-saving alternative to a full-size exercise room, and a massage table can provide the ultimate in relaxation after a vigorous workout.

The bathrooms of today offer a wide range of amenities to indulge the senses and carry away the stresses of life. And soon your clients will expect, if not demand, these luxuries in the bathrooms of the homes they buy.